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Why Your SDLC Needs a Web Vulnerability Scanner

Oftentimes, SDLCs do not include a web vulnerability scanner. While dev teams are usually set up with static code analysis tools, peer reviews, and personalized security standards, a large number of them have little to no experience with web vulnerability scanners. It’s a shame, because web vulnerability scanners like Acunetix offer developers an entirely different view of their products’ vulnerability state. Rather than being forced to rely on a non-comprehensive developer’s report from a security team, they are given complete transparency into their system’s current state.

Benefits of the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Besides the obvious convenience and time efficiency of enhanced SDLC security, with access to a web vulnerability scanner like Acunetix, developers are now:

Empowered to investigate issues and manually test their site in real-time

Able to retest immediately after revisions are made

Provided huge amounts of information with reduced scanning time, decreasing turnaround for code revision

Add Acunetix to Your SDLC

It’s no longer to your benefit to rely on third-party penetration or security testers. You need the ability to test, make adjustments, and retest on your own. Acunetix allows you to:

  • Have the most up-to-date security test data
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Quickly retest vulnerabilities

“The Alliance trainers did an outstanding job of presenting the Acunetix software. They were very knowledgeable and thoroughly walked us through all aspects of the product showing us how to detect many kinds of web vulnerabilities. They took time to answer all of questions we had and all of our participants left feeling that we had learned a lot. It was totally worthwhile for our staff.”

David Bates – GST BOCES


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