Check out the steps involved in your Acunetix training/consulting from Alliance.

The Questionnaire

Once you purchase your training, we’ll give you a Certificate of Purchase. You’ll also get an email with a link to fill out a questionnaire.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide our trainers with details of our client’s scanning environment and web applications. These details help us develop a more customized training experience that focuses on the technologies and challenges they are facing.

Questionnaire Review Call

Our certified trainers meet and review your questionnaire. Then, we call you to go over your answers. That way, we clearly understand your specific needs and objectives.

Intro Course/Achievable Development

Once we understand your organization’s needs, you’ll complete the Intro Course – this is a standard course that goes through each basic area of the tool and teaches you and your team how to use the tool.

When you’re done with the Intro Course, the experts at Alliance will come up with specific achievable goals for you to meet during the advanced training. Usually, this will involve the 2 or 3 areas that your team wants to focus on.

Advanced Training/Certification

During the advanced training, we’ll dive deep with you into the areas that you want to focus on. That way, you’ll become more informed and use the tool to the best of your ability.

Not only is our advanced training the most comprehensive Acunetix course offered – it’s simply the best in the world.  By focusing on what your specific needs, we can provide you with the exact knowledge and experience necessary for you to succeed.

When you finish both the Intro Course and the Advanced Course, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion that can even be used in the military as a continuing education credit!


We include 3 hours of ScanAssist in the training bundle so you can get the assistance you need when your training is complete.  You simply schedule a time with your trainers, present your scanning issues, and they will help you get them resolved!

How can we help YOUR organization?

Our experts go through a lot of preparation to deliver high-quality, custom advanced training courses. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to deal with the real-world issues you face at work.

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