Gartner recognizes Acunetix as a Challenger for Application Security Testing in 2015

Gartner recognizes Acunetix as a Challenger

Acunetix Receives 2nd highest product score for Manual Web Penetration Testing in Gartner’s 2015 Critical Capabilities for Application Security Testing Report

Gartner, Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, has recognized Acunetix as a challenger, assigning Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner a score of 4.36 out of 5.0 in the Manual Web Penetration Testing Use Case, in Gartner’s most recent Critical Capabilities for Application Security Testing Report.

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Using the Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder in 3 Easy Steps (With Video)

Keeping your website secure just got easier with Acunetix 10. With so many new features and extra capabilities designed to prevent hackers, it can be difficult to know where to start with it. One of the newest features include the improved Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder. What makes this feature so useful is it can test password-protected areas of your website automatically. It really is simple to use too. All you have to do is launch a scan from the Scan Wizard and create a new Login Sequence from there. Here’s how it all works in three steps.

Start the Login Sequence Recorder

Now that you have the Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder going navigate to the login page on your website and log-in to the restricted area. You’ll probably notice all actions are being recorded at this point, but that’s okay – it’s exactly what you want. The scanner will replay any actions you take while it is recording, and once the login actions are complete click ‘Next’.

Define Restrictions

The Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder can pretty much do whatever it is you want it to do, through the recording of your actions. However, you’ll still want to restrict the scanner from performing specific actions you don’t want it to take. This includes things like clicking ‘Logout’, ‘Delete User, ‘Send Email’, and any other option that should not be interacted with during the scan. Once restrictions are set up, click ‘Next’.

Use the ‘Session Pattern’

The final step involves letting the scanner know when it is logged in and logged out. Typically, the Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder can automatically detect a valid Session Pattern using the requests from the login actions. When the scanner does not automatically detect a valid Session Pattern you must manually browse the restricted area until a pattern is detected. Once the scanner has automatically detected the Session Pattern or you’ve done it manually, click ‘Finish’ and save the Login Sequence File.

SecureWorld St. Louis 2015


We had a great time speaking with everyone who stopped by our booth at SecureWorld on Sept. 22nd & 23rd.

Alliance and Acunetix were highly visible at the show due to our unique value proposition. Acunetix offers the best web application vulnerability scanner on the market and Alliance trains Acunetix users how to apply industry best practices and take full advantage of the solution.

If you were unable to come see us, it’s okay! We’re still available to answer your questions and resolve security issues dragging down efficiency, security, and revenue.

No More Abuse

It’s a devastating fact that many women and children in America are victims of violence every day. Whether it is from a parent or spouse, abuse against women and children is still a serious societal concern and it needs to come to an end. The best way to stop this unspeakable cycle of violence is to start by creating an awareness of the issue and move forward with a plan. The city of St. Louis is saying “No More”, and has put together No More Abuse in hopes of ending violence against women and children in their community.


About No More Abuse

St. Louis leaders are going to come together on Thursday, September 17, to say “No More” to abuse and violence against women and children. The event is not a fundraiser, and it’s intention is to create awareness of the amount of violence going on in St. Louis. The free community event will be a breakfast open to the public. During the gathering, the area’s best practices will be highlighted with concrete methods to break the silence and put an end to violence in the community. Those in attendance will hear from survivors of such abuse as well as a “voice for change”. Guests will also have the chance to meet with local experts in the area of family violence treatment and prevention.

All of those who attend the free community event will be asked to take personal action in order to allow positive changes to occur. These experiences and acts of prevention will be publicly noted via the No More Abuse website ( with hopes to inspire others to make positive changes in behavior.


Sponsors of the Event

Safe Connections and the Family Resource Center have partnered up to bring No More Abuse to the world. They have received support from over 70 individual and organizational members, including of the St. Louis Area Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, Family Violence Council, and St. Louis Ending Violence Against Women Network. Co-chairs of the event are Kathy Osborn, the Regional Business Council Executive Director, and the President of the Urban League, Michael McMillan. Molly Higgins, who is the Vice President of Corporate Communication and Civic affairs for the St. Louis Rams is a noted sports sponsor.


Sobering Facts About Violence Against Women and Children in the US

According to research, is has been estimated that over 10% of American women are the victims of domestic violence annually. In addition, 3 million children in America are exposed to domestic violence. Studies have shown that children are also at risk of being abused by that violent parent. Sadly, boys who witness domestic violence have a high chance of abusing their own partners once they reach adulthood. Girls who witness domestic abuse generally come to believe that violence at the hands of a male is acceptable and do not adequately protect themselves when their domestic male partner becomes violent, blaming themselves for the abuse.


It is time to Break the Silence and End the Violence. Visit for information on how you can help or become part of the event.