Released: Acunetix Version 13 build 13.0.200508159

This new build introduces the Business Logic Recorder (BLR), which allows the user to record logic implemented in multi-step web forms. The Acunetix scanner will go through the multi-step form and will be able to attack each step in the form.  In addition, vulnerabilities can now be sent to Citrix WAF for virtual patching or […]

Acunetix Version 13 Released!

Acunetix Version 13 (build 13.0.200205121 – Windows and Linux) 5th February 2020 – Acunetix Pricing  New Features in Acunetix Version 13 New Acunetix web UI Network Scanner integration (Improved) Malware Detection using Windows Defender on Windows & ClamAv on Linux Smart Scan New scanning algorithm prioritises scanning tasks and reduces scanning time Proof of exploit […]

Acunetix 360 – End-to-End Enterprise Web Security

Vulnerability scanning alone is not enough for a large organization to face present-day security-related challenges. Enterprise requires a comprehensive web application security management platform that allows them to easily find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities. Acunetix 360 is an end-to-end web security solution that offers a 360 view of an organization’s web security posture. It allows the enterprise […]

Acunetix Version 12 Released!

Acunetix Version 12 (v12) is now available and it is a major upgrade!  Here’s what’s new – Scanning speed of up to 2X faster Support for latest JavaScript technologies (ES7) New AcuSensor for Java web applications Pause and Resume scan functionality Exclusion of specific paths in the site’s structure directly from the UI Inclusion of […]

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