Acunetix v12 – Standard On Premise

Acunetix LicenceUSD ($)Part #License TypeBuy
Standard 5 Target$4,495/yrAOPSTA005T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Standard 10 Target$6,995/yrAOPSTA010T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Standard 20 Target$10,995/yrAOPSTA020T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now

Acunetix v12 – Enterprise On Premise

Acunetix LicenceUSD ($)Part #License TypeBuy
Enterprise 5 Target$6,995/yrAOPENT005T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Enterprise 10 Target$10,995/yrAOPSTA010T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Enterprise 20 Target$15,995/yrAOPENT020T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Enterprise 50 Target$26,995/yrAOPENT050T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now
Enterprise 100 Target$43,200/yrAOPENT100T1YYearly SubscriptionBuy Now

Acunetix v12 – Enterprise Online

Acunetix LicenceUSD ($)Part #License TypeBuy
Cloud Enterprise 5 Target$6,995/yrOVS005T1Y1yr SubscriptionBuy Now
Cloud Enterprise 10 Target$10,995/yrOVS010T1Y1yr SubscriptionBuy Now
Cloud Enterprise 20 Target$15,995/yrOVS020T1Y1yr SubscriptionBuy Now

Acunetix Training and Web Security Consulting

Acunetix TrainingUSD ($)Part #Maintenance (MA)Buy
Acunetix Version 11 Training – 2-3 Hour Training Course for up to 3 Users$999Download PDFBuy Now
Acunetix Version 11 Training – Additional User (Must also purchase base training package above)$199 per additional userBuy Now
On-Site Training (US and Canada)CALL 888-891-8885 x1